Question 001 (02/25/2020, Joe Genello, Franklin Energy):

Is there a list of zip codes used to create the mapping that DESEU could share?

If you go to the Arc GIS Delmarva map http://arcg.is/KHWbu and type into the search section a Delaware zip code it will highlight the zip code area. The map doesn’t overlay the particular zip code area however. You can go to University of Delaware Demographics Map to see the zip code tracts. http://www.cadsr.udel.edu/searchresultopen.cfml?idd=611

Our map doesn’t overlay the zip codes but you can find them through the search function.

Question 002 (02/25/2020, Matt Lillard, Applied Energy Group, Inc.):

Please provide the number of current trade ally companies that participate in the Assisted Home Performance Program and a list of their company names.

All of our participating contractors for our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program also provide service for anyone who qualified for Assisted Home Performance. The contractors participate in both segments of the program. Below is a link to our participating contractors: http://www.energizedelaware.org/residential/home-performance-with-energy-star/find-a-participating-contractor/

Question 003 (02/25/2020, Matt Lillard, Applied Energy Group, Inc.):

Per section IV of the program application guidelines, AEG would like to submit the following questions to better frame our response.  Thanks in advance for your reply and time. 

  1. How many participants were there in the Market Rate Home Performance & Assisted Home Performance Programs in 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Of those numbers, what percentage completed improvements after the initial audit.  Lastly, what is the breakdown of measures in aggregate for those that completed improvements under the assisted home performance programs.
  2. How many participants have there been over the last 3 calendar years in pre-WAP Weatherization program, and the WAP program broken down by county.  How do those numbers compare with the budget and goals for those programs.

Participation is very minimal on the Assisted Home Performance Side, so we do not break that out in the annual reports.  I am providing some data from Franklin Energy for Home Performance and Assisted Home Performance by calendar year.  We do not have easy access to the 2017 data since we changed implementation contractors during that year. http://www.energizedelaware.org/home/deseu/annual-reports/

Pre WAP – Total Units by County – Start of Program Spring 2015  to 1/31/20:

New Castle County 120 Units  
Kent County104 Units  
Sussex County137 Units  

Home Performance Participation By Calendar Year:

Assisted HPwES201820192020Total
Downtown Develoment Districts
Market rate HPwES
Assisted Jobs per Total by Calendar Year20181.49%

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