Empowerment Grant Program Releases 2020 Report and Launches 2021 Funding Cycle

Nearly $1million has been invested in energy efficiency programs and services across state of Delaware for underserved communities in Delmarva Power Service Areas.

New Grant Cycle to Launched April 19

Dover, DE.The Empowerment Grant Program (EGP) is proud to have funded $920,000 in 2020. Organizations awarded include Habitat for Humanity, Wilmington Senior Center, New Ecology, and Interfaith Power and Light. These funds were made possible by the merger between Exelon Power and Delmarva Power in Delaware. For more information about these grant awards and what has been funded please visit our website.

To showcase our achievements within the first year of launching, the Empowerment Team created the 2020 Annual Report. This document describes the purpose of the grant program, highlights the six organizations that were awarded, discusses community outreach, and our plans to sustain the Empowerment Grant Program through the Energy Equity Fund. Our Annual Report can be found here or by going to the resources tab on our website.

“We learned a lot in 2020 about uncertainty and how fragile our community can be during crisis moments,” said Jim Purcell, Empowerment Grant Manager. “The Empowerment Grant provided relief and provided hope to many looking to save on energy costs, while at the same time reducing the carbon foot print in our communities.”

Energize Delaware will re-open the Large-Scale grant for the EGP and Community-Scale Grant on April 19. The Large-Scale Grant will have a due date of June 30, 2021. The Community-Scale will continue to be an open ended application with no deadline. Applicants are encouraged to submit new and innovative energy efficiency programs that reach Delmarva Power customers in Delaware. Grant requests can be range from $100,000 to $1 million for the Large-Scale Grant. The Community-Scale Grant allows for awards of up to $100,000. The Community-Scale application is on-going rolling application. Both grants can be found at www.empowergrantde.org. For a quick link to our Grant Opportunities click here.

“Capitalizing on the success of the Empowerment grant last year, we’re confident that in 2021 the Empowerment Grant will help many of Delaware’s underserved communities ease energy burden on families and bringing much needed savings to communities that have struggled,” said Jim Purcell, Empowerment Grant Manager. “Delmarva Power company through this Empowerment grant is laying the groundwork for future funding and support which will bring energy access and equity to underserved communities, making homes healthier, safer and ultimately creating jobs to support energy efficiency.”

The EGP monies will be awarded to organizations proposing innovative ways to provide improved efficiency, reliability, and energy saving programs that directly benefit Delmarva Power customers whose households earn 60 percent, or below, of the state’s median income.

In the coming weeks the Empowerment Grant staff will provide workshops, information and technical assistance to those interested in applying for the grants. The schedule for upcoming grant workshops which will be virtual and if possible in person will be announced soon.  (Specifics on times and locations will be provided soon.)  

“The efforts of this program to make energy efficiency a constant focus with our customers and our communities allows us to provide meaningful and impactful support to those that need it the most,” said Gary Stockbridge, Delmarva Power region president. “I’m pleased to see the success of the program in 2020 and look forward to seeing what we can achieve in 2021.”

Additional program details, including program qualifications, requirements and how to submit proposals can be found on the EGP website: www.empowergrantde.org.  A Facebook page – @EmpowerGrantDE; a Twitter account – @EmpowerGrantDE; and an Instagram account – @EmpowerGrantDE are also available for public interaction and information.

The EGP is being financed with $4 million in merger settlement funds approved by the Delaware Public Service Commission’s authorizing of the Delmarva Power and Exelon merger agreement of three years ago. The total monies will be dispersed over the next two to three-year period.

About Energize Delaware

Energize Delaware is a unique non-profit that helps Delawareans save money through clean energy and energy efficiency. Our myriad programs provide energy education and financial incentives to Delaware homeowners, businesses, non-profits, state agencies, farms, houses of worship, local government and schools. Find a program to fit your needs at www.EnergizeDelaware.com.


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