Empowerment Grant Program Announces Grant Award to Delaware Interfaith Power and Light

Funding to support energy efficiency and weatherization in Wilmington homes

Dover – Energize Delaware announced today that the Empowerment Grant Program (EGP), funded by the Exelon Merger for Delmarva Power Customers in Delaware, is awarding $80,650 to Delaware Interfaith Power and Light (DEIPL).  In its application, DEIPL wants to help weatherize older rental properties by fabricating and installing custom Interior Storm Windows (ISW) in rental apartments. Labor to be provided from within community and include the faith community. This program will start with the West Center City neighborhood in Wilmington. Morningstar Properties Group (MPG), a major landlord in the city of Wilmington, will identify rental properties serving low-income Delawareans and will work with other major landlords, bringing them into the program.  Energize Delaware through its partner Franklin Energy will provide energy evaluation and consumer education through their HEC2 program. Temple United Church is providing space for community gatherings for energy workshops and program progress, and for the ISW fabrication work area. They also will identify candidates for ISW training and fabrication. The current estimate of rental properties for this phase of the program is 32 buildings, housing 90 households.  

 “Addressing the existential threat of global climate change requires starting with the genesis of energy inequities in frontline communities. As our neighbors in need suffer from energy injustices, so too all of us, with all needing to work together to find just solutions.” According to DeIPL’s founder and president John Sykes, “Working with Delmarva Power has proven to us that real progress can be made in the lives of the people whom we serve as well as taking steps to reverse global warming”. “As this coalition grows with more utilities and funders, we look forward to expanding our joint efforts across the city and state and helping thousands of Delawareans.”  

“Weatherizing your home from the elements is an important step for saving money and energy,” said Gary Stockbridge, Delmarva Power region resident. “Providing families and residents more comfortable homes is even more important now as winter approaches and the pandemic continues to require so many of us to work and learn from home. I look forward to seeing this initiative in action and the benefits it will have for our customers in Wilmington.”    

“We are pleased to support yet another grant to support energy efficiency in Delaware’s most underserved communities”, said Jim Purcell, Grant Manager. “To do date Energize Delaware and the Empowerment Grant has approved nearly $1 million in funding for energy efficiency projects in the Delmarva Power service territory.” 

Additional program details about the EGP, including program qualifications, requirements and how to submit proposals can be found at: www.empowergrantde.org.  A Facebook page – @EmpowerGrantDE; and a Twitter account – @EmpowerGrantDE; are also available for public interaction and information   

About Empowerment Grant   

Energize Delaware was selected to be the grant manager for $4 million in funds designated for low income energy efficient programs for Delmarva Power customers. The funds originated from the Exelon\Delmarva Power Merger Settlement approved by the Delaware Public Service Commission. Energize Delaware will distribute the funds competitively to organizations capable of delivering energy efficiency programs to low income customers over a three-year period. Two distinct energy efficiency programs will be funded. Large-Scale energy efficiency programs and Community-Scale programs. Additional program details, including program qualifications, requirements and how to submit proposals can be found on the EGP website: www.empowergrantde.org.   

A Facebook page – @EmpowerGrantDE; and a Twitter account – @EmpowerGrantDE; are also available for public interaction and information. 

About Delaware  Interfaith Power and Light 
Supporting our Faith Brothers and Sisters, we facilitate full energy audits through our DESEU sponsored Faith Efficiencies program, with mentorship on starting local Green Teams in our partners houses of faith and surrounding communities, transitioning to green energy by working with our Solar Partners, and encouraging folks of all ages to share their hope and worries through our Climate Conversations. 

We believe we have a moral responsibility to scientifically inform and spiritually deepen our understanding of our relationship with the natural world and with each other, and to act on those understandings. Our goal, ultimately, is to assure the preservation of a healthy, sustainable planet and closer to home, to improve the everyday quality of life of our families, our neighbors, our communities. 

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